Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350)

Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350) Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350) Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350)

AIRBUS H 125 (Eurocopter AS350 B3e) is the latest version of one of the most famous helicopter type in the world – AS350. This is a constantly developed version of the multi-task single-engine turbine helicopter, manufactured since 1975, which surpasses all other helicopters collectively in terms of efficiency, versatility and safety. The helicopter can carry 5 passengers plus 1 pilot in the cabin configuration 2 + 4 or 6 passengers and one pilot in the configuration with an additional 3 + 4 front seat. Each passenger will find a place for an average suitcase in the helicopter trunks. In addition to VIP flights and high-altitude passenger flights, H125 / AS 350 are most common in filming flights and aerial missions with suspended loads, such as high-altitude construction work or fire protection, geophysical surveys.

H125 / AS350 is the most proven and reliable member of the Eurocopter family (currently Airbus Helicopters), helicopter well known and appreciated all over the world. About 5,000 of these helicopters were delivered in over 100 countries to about 1,600 customers. Thanks to the large cabin and uninterrupted high cruising speed, range and payload, commonly known as Equireuil it can take cargo or passengers on more flights back and forth daily than any other helicopter in this category.


  • Hover Ceiling OGE : 3399 m
  • Hover ceiling IGE : 4039 m
  • Fast cruise speed : 260 km/h
  • Max* range with standard fuel tanks at : 630 km
  • Max* endurance with standard fuel tanks at : 4h 30min
  • Flight envelope (Temperature) : -40°C to ISA +35°C limited to 50°C
  • Max altitude flight : 7010 m


  • D-value : 12.94 m
  • Rotor diameter : 10.69 m
  • Cabin internal volume : 3.00 m3


  • Crew + passengers : 1 or 2 pilots + up to 6 passengers
  • Max takeoff weight (MTOW) : 2250 kg
  • Max tekeoff weight with external load : 2800 kg
  • Useful load : 992 kg
  • Standard fuel tank capacity : 426 km
  • Engine type : Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2D
  • Takeoff power : 632 kW / 847 shp

Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350) Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350) Airbus H125 (Eurocopter AS350)

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