Bandaranaike International Airport

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Epidemic Deceases

In the event of epidemic deceases [ eg. influenza A (H1N1)] spreading in any region of the world, all passengers arriving from the relevant regions are requested to report to the concerned authorities stationed at the relevant office at the Bandaranaike International Airport:

Passport Exemptions

Holders of a ‘laissez-passer’ issued by the United Nations, travelling On duty. Holders of documents issued to stateless persons and refugees, provided holding a Re-entry Permit from the country in which they reside. Holders of a Hong Kong (SAR China) Document of identity. Crew Members: Same regulations as for passengers apply Military: same regulations as for passengers apply Minors: all Sri Lankan children under 16 years of age may be Included in the parent?s passport. A photograph of the Child must be attached to the passport

Visa Exemptions Nationals of Sri Lanka
Holders of a ‘Laissez-Passer’ issued by the United Nations, traveling on duty.
Holders of a Re-entry/Residence Permit issued by Sri Lanka to alien residents.

Importation of items at Bandaranaike International Airport

Customs: free importation at Bandaranaike International Airport

Importation of liquor and tobacco products: free import only by persons over 18 years of age:
2 bottles of wine and 1/2 litre of spirits
2 ounces of perfume and 1/4 litre of eau de toilette
travel souvenirs not intended for commercial use, up to the value of USD 250 In case of members of a family traveling together, free import is in general allowed only for 2 members. Customs duty and other levies are applicable on all cigarette and tobacco products. Passengers are required to declare upon arrival valuable personal affects to ensure free export. Importation of following items are prohibited at Bandaranaike International Airport

(a) Dangerous drugs or narcotic substances
(b) Pornographic or seditious materials
(c) Materials hostile to religious beliefs

Importation of following items are restricted at Bandaranaike International Airport

(a) Fire arms, ammunition, explosives and weapons.
(b) Plants, Fruits, Birds and their products
(c) Pharmaceuticals and medicines, except for personal use.
(d) Goods for commercial or trade purposes
Services to visitors at Bandaranaike International Airport

Banks at Bandaranaike International Airport

Banks/Currency Exchange
Branches of 07 leading banks of Sri Lanka are located in each Departure Lobby and Arrival Lobby areas providing currency exchange facilities. Another bank is located in the transit area for re-exchange.
Automated teller machines are available in arrival lobby area in Departure porch Post Office at Bandaranaike International Airport A Post office is located in the arrival porch.
Communication at Bandaranaike International Airport

Telephone booths can be found in the arrival, departure and transit areas.
Communication Counters are located in the departure lobby area and in the transit lounge with international direct dialing, e-mail and fax facilities.
Mobile phone connections can be obtained from 2 major company outlets located in the arrival lobby.
Passengers with reduced mobility at Bandaranaike International Airport

Lifts, Wheelchairs and disabled toilets are available
Child Care at Bandaranaike International Airport
Rooms are available with all facilities for feeding in the transit area
Medical Centre at Bandaranaike International Airport
located in the arrival baggage area staffed with a doctor and qualified nurses Duty Free Shopping at Bandaranaike International Airport

Several Duty Free Shops are available in the Arrival, Departure and Transit areas. Wine & Spirits, Handicrafts, Silk Items, Jewellery, Perfume , Ceramic items, Readymade garments, Cameras and tea are available.

Baggage at Bandaranaike International Airport

Visitors to Sri Lanka are expected to declare the total amount of currencies, valuable equipment, jewellery and gems in their possession at arrival.
Professional teams are allowed to import filming and photographic equipment on a valid Carnet or a Bank Guarantee or on a refundable deposit of the duty payable on the items.
Lost or Damaged Baggage at Bandaranayke International Airport

In the event of lost baggage at the baggage conveyor belt at the airport, please contact the airport office of the airline immediately.

Emigration All visitors are entitled to (a) export any of the items imported and declared by them at the arrival
(b) items purchased in Sri Lanka following declaration at the departure
(c) Remainder of the foreign Currencies declared and brought into the country. Sri Lanka currency (LKR) needs to be reconverted to Foreign Currency at departure.

Items not permitted to export are as follows

All currencies in excess of your declared amounts on arrival.
Gems and Jewellery, precious materials, valuable equipment not declared on arrival or not purchased in Sri Lanka out of Funds declared and brought into the Country.
Gold (Crude, Bullion or Coins) Sri Lanka Currency in excess of LKR 250/-
Firearms, explosives and dangerous weapons.
Antiques, statues, treasures, old books, etc.
Animals, birds and reptiles (dead or alive)
Organs or parts of animals
Tea, Rubber and Coconut Plants.
Dangerous drugs

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About Gampaha District

Gampaha is an urban city in Sri Lanka and is the capital of the Gampaha District in Western Province, north of Colombo. Gampaha District is separated from Colombo mainly by the Kelani River. Gampaha town is about 4km from Miriswatta on Colombo-Kandy road. Gampaha is surrounded by Yakkala, Miriswatta, Weliweriya Udugampola and Ja-Ela towns.

The name "Gampaha" in Sinhala literally means Five Villages. The five villages are known to be Ihalagama, Pahalagama, Medagama, Pattiyagama and Aluthgama.

About Western Province

The Western Province is the most densely populated province of Sri Lanka. It is home to the legislative capital Sri Jayawardenapura as well to Colombo, the nation's administrative and business center. Western Province is divided into 3 main districts called Colombo (642 km²), Gampaha (1,386.6 km²) and Kalutara (1,606 km²) districts. As Sri Lanka's economic hub, all the major local and international corporations have their presence in the city and so do all the major designer and high street retailers, so be ready to indulge in some retail therapy in western province.

Having the highest population in the all the provinces, the almost all the premier educational institutions in the island are located in western province. Universities in the province include the University of Colombo, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, University of Kelaniya, Open University, Sri Lanka, Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University and University of Moratuwa .Western province has the largest amount of schools in the country, which includes National, Provincial, Private and International schools.