Dambadeniya City

Dambadeniya City Dambadeniya City Dambadeniya City

Dambadeniya was the third capital in ancient Sri Lanka. (1233 - 1283 A.D.) It was crowned by four kings. The pioneer King Wijayabahu-III (1233 - 1236 A.D), builds his royal palace on the rock at Dambadeniya & converted it to the capital of the country in 1233 A.D.

There was a stepped path from the base to the top of the rock. The first segment of the path was recently built. Having climbing about 100feet, the stepped path joined to the ancient route, which was built with dressed rocks. (Complete path used in ancient time from the base to the top was still remain) There was a huge rocky trap made ready to fell on a battle of enemy who would try to enter the Kingdom on the rock. And also there was a narrow point of the stepped path to enable the Royal solders to cut the enemies one by one, which entered through.

Area of the top of the rock was not less than 6 acres. The complex of Royal palace, a temple for the Sacred Tooth Relic, 3 major ponds & security points were placed on it.

Dambadeniya City Dambadeniya City Dambadeniya City

LK94009282: Dambadeniya City. Text by Lakpuraâ„¢. Images by Google, copyright(s) reserved by original authors.
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