Nilwala River෴නිල්වලා ගඟ

Nilwala is a river in Southern Province in Sri Lanka. It originates from Sinharaja Forest Reserve and drains to sea at Matara

The Nilwala River originates from the streams of the Gongala Hills on the south bank of the Sinharaja Hills. It covers an area of ​​about 81 km. The water level in the area is about 960 sq. km. This is the main tributary of the Ganegala Range. This joins the Nilwala River from the town of Akuressa. Nilwala River is a beautiful view of Matara. From the main roads that run out of Matara, all the other roads except the Matara – Weligama road cross the Nilwala river at any point.

In the messages of Thisara, Pigeon, and Kokila there are praises written about the Nilwala river with great affection. Nilwala Thota has also become a popular destination for pilgrims in Kataragama and Devinuwara. The confluence of the Nilwala River with the sea is called the estuary. The scenery of the event, which combines freshwater and seawater, is impressive. Equipment used for the professionalism of fishermen is a constant sight here.

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