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Lakpura Lesiure

Chauffeur Driven Car (Standard) Rental

Chauffeur Driven Car (Standard) Rental

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(SKU: LK21X1F450) Rent a car for your visit to Sri Lanka. Our vehicle rental service is conducted by English-speaking chauffeur-guides who are friendly, punctual and put your safety first above everything else. Enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free experience by having your own private vehicle and chauffeur, drive and guide you throughout your entire visit to Sri Lanka.


  • Transport by an air-conditioned standard car, which can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults with luggage.
  • Services of an English-speaking chauffeur. Chauffeur's service time allocation per day is 8 hours, generally between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM. However, this can be extended at the rate of USD 2.00 per hour.
  • Cost of fuel for the allocated number of KMs based on the number of days you are booking for:
    • Day 1; 180km (180km for the day).
    • Day 2; 340km (160km for the day).
    • Day 3; 480km (140km for the day).
    • Day 4; 600km (120km for the day).
    • Day 5; 700km (100km per day until the rental ends). Example: 9 day rental offers 1100km.
  • Any excess mileage to be billed at the rate of USD 0.50 per KM.


  • Overnight accommodation charge for chauffeur: If you or the hotel you are staying in do not provide accommodation for the chauffeur, overnight accommodation fee payable to the chauffeur is USD 15.00 per night.

Important Notes:

  • The number of days for hire will be calculated on a calendar day basis irrespective of the service starting time or ending time.
  • For services based within Colombo, mileage count starts at the start of the service from when your chauffeur first picks you up and ends at the end of the service at when your chauffeur last drops you off.
  • You will be billed for an additional 10 KM for your chauffeur's drive from the garage to the Pickup Location at the start of the service as well as a further 10 KM for your chauffeur's drive to the garage from the drop off location at the end of the service
  • For services based outside of Colombo, Standard mileage count starts and ends at Colombo Fort. If your starting/ending location is based outside of Colombo, contact us for possible customized services.
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