Collection: Cycling from Jaffna

Jaffna which is the main city in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka is a beautiful peninsula that is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. With people getting back to the normal routine of living life with traces of a 30 year old civil war, there are many places where you can visit and explore. Cycling through the peninsula is one of the best methods to experience the rich culture and heritage of the North. There are many religious attractions that you can visit including the Nallur Temple and St, Mary’s Cathedral while heritage sites include the Jaffna Fort, the Jaffna Library and the Subramaniam Park. While witnessing the locals you can indulge in the mouthwatering Jaffna cuisine as well. With time in hand, the trails can take you to the coastal villages where you an have a one of a kind experience with the locals while listening to their folklore.

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