Collection: Safari from Lahugala

Covering a land area of about 1500 hectares, the Lahugala Kitulana National Park is one of the smallest National parks in Sri Lanka. However, despite the small land area, Lahugala is considered an important locale for a number of endemic birds of Sri Lanka as well as the Sri Lankan elephant. A private safari with Lakpura will take you through dry ever green forests, passing reservoirs, and over flat terrain with occasional rocky outcrops. The Lahugala Kitulana National Park is located 318 km East of Colombo and the nearest city is Pottuvil which is located along the East coast of Sri Lanka. Travel 4km South along the East coast from Pottuvil and you will be in Arugam bay which is a popular surfing destination. This park is traditionally used by large herds of elephants as a feeding ground while many mammals, wetland birds, amphibians, reptiles, freshwater turtles and endemic fish species are found here.

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