Alagalla Mountain Range

Alagalla Mountain Range Alagalla Mountain Range Alagalla Mountain Range

Alagalla Mountain Range or “Potato Range” is situated at the boundaries of the Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces in Sri Lanka. It has protected Buddhism and culture from the western powerful nations such as the Portuguese, Dutch and English for approximately five centuries as a natural barrier (1505–1948).

Most of the battles against invasions aimed at the Kandyan Kingdom by the western nations from time to time in their ruling period of maritime provinces happened at the Alagalla Mountains. Invading foreign armies were defeated by the battles at Balana (View Point) under the reign of Kandyan Kings. Balana fort was the main fortress established to protect the Sinhalese Kingdom from foreign powers, and is situated between Kadugannawa pass and Potato Range. When the English established themselves in Kandy, they started tea and coffee plantations in the area of the Colombo-Kandy railway line, which has cut through tunnels in the mountains.

Alagalla Mountain Range Alagalla Mountain Range Alagalla Mountain Range
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