Kurikadduwan Jetty

Kurikadduwan Jetty Kurikadduwan Jetty Kurikadduwan Jetty

Kurikadduwan is a island and is located in Northern Province, Sri Lanka. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 7 metres. Variant forms of spelling for Kurikadduwan or in other languages: Kurikadduwan, Kurikadduvan, Kurikadduvan, Kurikadduwan.

Kurrikaduwan Jetty is next to Kurikadduwan and is located in Northern Province, Sri Lanka. Kurrikaduwan Jetty has a length of 0.5 kilometres.

After 40 minutes drive from the Jaffna town on the bumpy roads across Velanai and Punguduthivu causeway reaced Kurikadduwan jetty, famously known as KKD jetty among the Naval community. 

Kurikadduwan Jetty Kurikadduwan Jetty Kurikadduwan Jetty

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