Ranmudu Ella Falls

Ranmudu Ella Falls Ranmudu Ella Falls Ranmudu Ella Falls

Sri Lanka is a wild tropical country filled with lush nature, gushing rivers, and friendly brown skinned natives. The dense jungles of the island hide a number of beautiful waterfalls; many of them not very well known. Amongst the smaller, lesser known falls are the four gems in the Puwakpitiya area; just an hour’s travel from Colombo. These include Kumari Ella, Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella, Dambora Ella, and Ella Uda Ella. Here, it is important to note that the word ‘Ella’ literally means ‘waterfall’ in the local tongue.

Ranmudu Ella lies near the little village of Thunmodara, and hence its name. The waterfall is located on a minor tributary of the Kelani River and two breaks with a total height of 15 m. The breaks separate the falls into three distinct parts; Upper, Middle and Lower. The upper part is more of a cascade down nearly vertical rocks. However, the middle part is mostly composed of rapids and whitewater gushing from underneath a wooden bridge from which visitors can view the sight. The lower part ends in a base pool that is reasonably shallow enough to swim in.

While this waterfall has remained hidden till recent times, an influx of newly enlightened visitors has resulted in an increase in pollution. The locals have been working to keep the place clean; so we humbly request that you do not pollute these natural treasures while visiting. This waterfall can be reached by traveling past the Thunmodara Bridge towards Dambora and then take the concrete road left for about 500m, leading direct to the falls.

Ranmudu Ella Falls Ranmudu Ella Falls Ranmudu Ella Falls

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