Village Life of Sri Lanka

The lifestyle in Sri Lanka villages are simple. The people in such villages are less dependent than city folks. Their needs are limited. People are kind and are usually keen to talk to tourists despite language barriers and often invite them home for a cup of tea. Eating simple Food in simple rural surroundings has its own flavour. During a countryside tour, you will experience various aspects of village life; you will get to know the locals and discover their lifestyle, their feelings and emotions. You will be fascinated by the daily life of the villagers.

Hiriwadunna, a beautiful village shaded on either side by dry zone shrub forest, with unpaved gravel paths and humble village folk is a town located in north central province about 156km away from the capital Colombo and close to Amaya Signature in Kandalama, one of our hotels in Dambulla. A tour to Hiriwadunna will give you a chance to witness the environment of typical Sri Lankan village life. A ride on a bullock cart along a dirt track and through rice paddies down to the picturesque Hiriwadunna Lake will leave you with a sense of peacefulness. A catamaran ride on the lake with its large variety of dry zone bird life and views of the surrounding forest, marshland and vegetable plots of local farmers will be an unforgettable experience to the visitors and will most definitely be one of the places they feel most at peace, during the time spent in Sri Lanka.

A trip to Hiriwadunna will most definitely give you a unique experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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