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Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort, Ahungalla

Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort, Ahungalla

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(SKU: LK15004A49) Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Ahungalla, the Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort stands as a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation. Surrounded by lush tropical greenery and overlooking the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, this retreat offers an immersive Ayurvedic experience that harmonizes mind, body, and soul. The resort's architecture seamlessly blends traditional Sri Lankan design with modern comforts, creating an ambiance of elegance and serenity. From personalized Ayurvedic treatments that draw from centuries-old practices to wholesome organic cuisine that nourishes the senses, every aspect of Lotus Villa is dedicated to fostering holistic well-being. Whether seeking relaxation, healing, or simply a peaceful getaway, the Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort promises a revitalizing escape from the bustle of everyday life.


The Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort specialises exclusively in Ayurveda. The Lotus Villa Ayurveda Resort is situated in Ahungalla in the south west of Sri Lanka around 75 km south from Colombo, on a very long stretch of sandy beach between shady coconut palms and directly by the tropical warm Indian Ocean.


The rooms are an important thing for each guest or patient, as these are going to be their "sanctuary" in the next days and weeks during the stay. Because the rooms are mainly not the same as ones own "four walls" at home, one needs a certain time until one "settles in". When one comes here for the second time it is usually easier to find ones way around.

6 single rooms and 14 double rooms (with two washbasins each). They are around 25 m in size. Three of the rooms also have a connecting door to the neighboring rooms, which is often very comfortable for accompanying people and also for couples, who wish to sleep separate during the time of treatments. For people with back problems the resort can provide water beds (small fee) or place underlies under mattresses.


Bed linen and towels are changed daily. Reason being: after treatments some oil or medicine residue always stays on the body, which might cause ant invasions. Every room is fitted with an alarm bell and the three rooms for wheelchair users have the alarm-bell-string reach right down to the floor in the bathroom. Because of the treatments, the pores need to stay open and hence we do not have air-conditioner but fans in the rooms and against possible mosquito bites, there are mosquito nets.

By the way: the warm water supply throughout the entire house except for the launderette is powered by solar energy. Our water-filtering-system produces drinking water to the requirements of international laws. Therefore you can use for example the water in the bathroom to brush your teeth.

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