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Oil Cake Mold (Konda Kawum Achchu)

Oil Cake Mold (Konda Kawum Achchu)

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(SKU: LSH000830D) Kevum or Kavum (කැවුම්) is a deep-fried Sri Lankan sweet made from rice flour and kithul treacle (sugar-palm), with a number of variants adding additional ingredients. It is also known as oil cake. Kevum is traditionally given and consumed during celebrations of Sinhala New Year. Konda kevum (කොණ්ඩ කැවුම්) - hair kevum is the most common variant. It has a dark reddish color. The dough of rice flour and kithul treacle is flavored with salt and cardamom. Konda (කොණ්ඩ) is the Sinhala word for a lock of hair, a shape the konda kevum resembles.

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